Our Mission

Curtis experienced nearly 18 years of horrible addiction to opioids and psychotropic medications that nearly destroyed his family in addition to undergoing 8 major neck/back surgeries that nearly took his life. The Brown’s struggled for years to find real answers, good doctors, logical solutions and a small glimmer of hope. In God’s perfect timing their prayers were answered and their very dark medical hell came to a screeching halt yielding itself to true answers, proper medical care and complete freedom from addiction.

Out of their struggle, they birthed the Heroes Hope Foundation, believing that most people dealing with injury, chronic pain, PTSD, addiction, anxiety and depression can and will heal once properly educated, provided the right tools, and given proper care. Therefore, whether the need is physical, mental, medical or spiritual... the foundation fights to help veterans and their families get what they need.

Our arsenal

To aid in this fight, The Heroes Hope Foundation is honored to have teamed up with Memorial Hermann Hospital of greater Houston, numerous doctors, surgeons, acupuncturists, chiropractors, counselors, massage therapists, and local churches.




Statistics on veterans (even prior to Covid) were heartbreaking to say the least. Twenty-two veterans were taking their own lives daily to suicide that stemmed from PTSD, addiction, depression and anxiety. It was already predicted that in the next ten years 650,000 veterans would die due to addiction to opioids and/or psychotropic medications. If you do the math, this is an astounding number of American heroes' lives to be lost.

Prior to Covid there were approximately 22 veteran suicides a day. Now the numbers are much higher. This was a total of 8,030 lives lost a year. Over 80,300 soldiers (predicted to committ suicide in ten years time). As if this were not bad enough, this does not include the recent increase in numbers during the Covid pandemic. Nor does it include the additional 650,000 that were predicted to lose their lives due to opiod and psychotropic medication addiction over the ten year period. Long before Covid affected our nation satistics showed that the total American hero deaths due to suicide and/or addiction were expected to be well over 730,300.

This is devastating... but it does not have to be. We know we can make a difference but we also know we can't do it alone. A battle is not won by one... it takes the combined efforts of many working together to see victory. Please help us wage war against these staggering statistics and fight to save the lives of those who fought for us!

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Below is a list of our endorsements from organizations, businesses and professionals who have partnered with us to change to lives.

Heroes Hope Foundation

Heroes Hope Foundation

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Our Vision

Our vision and goal is to obtain a property that could possibly self sustain or at least offer the potential of being income generating in some form. This would serve to alleviate financial strain in the event of unforeseen economical difficulty while helping provide additional funds to support our efforts.

  1. The property would allow anyone currently serving or retired from any branch of service to enjoy a vacation/getaway that they may otherwise not be able to afford.
  2. It would also be available for the encouragement of spouses and children who need to de-stress while their loved ones are actively serving.
  3. It will initially be used solely for veterans but long term could be expanded to include local firefighters, police officers and clergy.

The Ideal Property

  • Located within 1 hour driving distance of Houston. This is vitally important as long drives are difficult on those dealing with pain from injury.  
  • Offers a wide variety of things for the veterans and their families to enjoy on the property itself and/or nearby.
  • Single story dwelling or elevator for access if multi-level structure to allow easy access for those with disabilities.
  • Swimming pool on the grounds for their enjoyment, relaxation and ability to beat the Texas heat.  
  • Offers a guest house, cabin or rooms that are separate or can be closed off from the main home in order to provide privacy during their stay. 
  • In addition to the rooms for the veterans, ideally the property would have additional living space for the welcoming person(s), care takers, etc. to live or stay while managing the property and entertaining guests. 
  • The grounds should be large enough to provide ample space for veterans and their families to enjoy various outdoor entertainment and activities. 
  • Lush mature landscaping that offers.privacy and a resort feel.

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